Vision & Values

Redeemer is a gospel-centered community on mission. Our vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform everything: our lives, our church, our city, and our world. We want to be instruments of gospel change in Bloomington, Monroe County, and beyond.


The gospel is not just our entry point to salvation. All of our life should be lived in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That Jesus lived a perfect life, died a brutal death, and rose from the grave to defeat Satan, sin and death. The gospel is the only means of salvation and spiritual growth. Therefore, the gospel should not be limited to conversion and Sunday sermons. We need the gospel every moment of every day.


God is Truth. And God has spoken truthfully to us in His scriptures. We cling to His Word and give it authority over all matters of our faith and lives. We study the truth of God’s Word. We guard it. We treasure it. We share it freely.


We were made for the purpose of glorifying God. Scripture tells us that everyone worships something. We either worship God or idols. Through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, God has made a way for us to turn away from our idols and worship the God of the Bible. And so we choose to worship Him passionately and give Him glory with all of our lives.


God has eternally existed in perfect community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We image our God when we live in loving community with each other. In community, we are there for one another as we care for, serve, encourage, challenge, weep with, and celebrate with one another and learn to think of others before ourselves.


Jesus was a missionary who was sent by God to save His people. When Jesus rescues us, he charges us as a community to join him in his mission of redeeming the lost. God has called us here in this place at this time to join Christ on His mission to redeem Bloomington. So we will enter into the culture of our city with the gospel, looking to lead people to saving faith in Jesus.


Everyone needs mercy. We are all broken, suffering the effects of our own fallenness, as well as the problems in our world. The gospel is God’s answer to our sin. But our needs, and the needs of those around us, are also physical. We respond with love in word and deed. Our God is a compassionate God who cares for the fatherless and widow, lifts up the poor, and fights for the oppressed. We desire to reflect His mercy as we serve those in need meeting both spiritual and physical needs.

As a gospel-centered church we have five identities: