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God has blessed Redeemer Community Church with facilities to be used in the vision and mission of the gospel. Redeemer desires that its facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and to bring God glory. Although the facilities are not generally open to the public, we make our facilities available to approved non-members as a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice.

But use of the facilities will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with Redeemer’s faith or moral teachings, which are summarized in, among other places, the church’s constitution and bylaws. Nor may church facilities be used for activities that contradict, or are deemed inconsistent with, Redeemer’s faith or moral teachings.

This restricted facility use policy is necessary for two important reasons. First, Redeemer may not in good conscience materially cooperate in activities or beliefs that are contrary to its faith. Allowing its facilities to be used for purposes that contradict the church’s beliefs would be material cooperation with that activity, and would be a grave violation of Redeemer’s faith and religious practice. (2 Cor 6:14; 1 Thess 5:22.)

Second, it is very important that the church present a consistent message to the community, and that the church staff and members conscientiously maintain that message as part of their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing facilities to be used by groups or persons who express beliefs or engage in practices contrary to the church’s faith would have a severe, negative impact on the message that the church strives to promote. It could also cause confusion and scandal to church members and the community because they may reasonably perceive that by allowing use of our facilities, the church agrees with the beliefs or practices of the persons or groups using its facilities.

Therefore, in no event shall persons or groups who hold, advance, or advocate beliefs, or advance, advocate, or engage in practices that contradict the church’s faith use any church facility. Nor may church facilities be used in any way that contradicts the church’s faith. This policy applies to all church facilities, regardless of whether the facilities are connected to the church’s sanctuary, because the church sees all of its property as holy and set apart to worship God. (Col 3:17.)


Priority use for the church’s facilities will generally go to covenant church members, their immediate families, and organizations that are directly supported or sponsored by the church. However, church facilities may also be made available to non-members or outside groups meeting the following qualifications:

1. Groups or persons requesting to use Redeemer’s facilities must affirm and agree that their faith and practices and planned uses of the facilities are consistent with the church’s faith and practice.

2. Groups or persons seeking use must submit a signed “Facility Use Request and Agreement Form”.

3. The person or group seeking to use the facilities must agree and abide by Redeemer’s rules of conduct for facility use, as stated below and as described in any additional instructions by church staff, and must be willing to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used.

Either the sanctuary or the fellowship hall may be reserved. However, times and dates for each building are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, if a date is taken, then the space is unavailable. If only one building is reserved for an event, please understand that both buildings may be unavailable for that day and time based on the anticipated number of people on property.

After submitting this form to the proper individual, you can expect to be contacted shortly after as to whether your event is accepted.

Facility Use Hours: The hours of availability for reservation are from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-7pm on Saturdays. Use outside these hours must be approved by Redeemer staff.

Fees: Use of church facilities is subject to a facility usage fee of $150/day to pay for the upkeep of church facilities. Church members are not required to pay a fee for usage because maintenance of the facilities are derived from member tithes and offerings.

If you would like to use the space for a wedding, please indicate on the building request form in this document. If accepted, you will be given a wedding policy packet with further information regarding Redeemer’s approach to weddings in their facilities.


Users of the church’s facilities must adhere to all policies as stated below:

Groups are restricted to only those areas of the facility that the group has reserved.
Church equipment, such as tables and chairs, must be returned to original placement, unless arranged otherwise prior to the event.
All garbage needs to be taken out to the dumpster. No garbage is to be left in the building.
If you need childcare for your event, you are required to make those arrangements and take full responsibility and liability for all childcare needs.
Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug or alcohol abuse are strictly prohibited on church premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises.
Any person or group must sign the “Facility Use Request and Agreement Form” prior to reservation of church facilities.

Alcohol: No alcohol is to be served in church facilities nor on church grounds.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited within church facilities.

Cleaning/Lockdown: Users of the church’s facilities must adhere to cleaning requirements and a proper lock down procedure. A cleaning/lockdown checklist will be given for each building. Users of the facilities must follow the cleaning and lockdown checklist closely for whatever building(s) they use.

If the event is approved, a Redeemer staff will unlock the building for the users and will inform them how to lock it behind them on their way out at the end of their event. However, if a staff member is not available to let you in, you will be loaned a key to the facility and shown how to use it prior to the event. There is a fee of $500 if the key is lost. This is because the locks on all doors must be reset.

If the cleaning checklist is not followed closely, an additional cleaning fee may be charged. Note: it is especially important for those using the facilities on a Saturday to ensure precise clean up so that the space is ready for the next Sunday morning gathering.

Media/Technology Use: Anyone desiring to use the church’s sound equipment or other technology must use a Redeemer trained technician. A fee to pay for the technician’s time may be assessed if this service is needed. No outside technicians may be used for any equipment. This needs to be arranged at least 10 days prior to the event. No instruments belonging to Redeemer may be used during an event without prior approval.

Supplies Use: Any of Redeemer’s supplies that are used must be returned to their original place by the end of the event. All supplies that are not within the reserved space are not for use. Any fellowship hall kitchen supplies that are used must be washed, dried, and returned to their place. Other disposable supplies within the kitchen are also for use, but any backroom supplies are not for event use.

Outside Rental Equipment: Redeemer is not responsible for any rental equipment provided for an event. All rental equipment must be removed from the premises immediately following the event/wedding.

Decorations: The church’s facilities are a blessing and should be cared for well. Therefore, there are regulations set on the types of decorations that can be used during events. All users must adhere to the regulations set for decorating the church’s spaces.

  • Reserved rooms may be decorated. However, the following items may NOT be used: glitter, confetti, nails, tacks, screws, hot wax, staples, or any other item that may damage or puncture any facilities or furniture. If any items are wanting to be used and the renters are unsure, please contact a Redeemer staff for approval.
  • Only dripless candles are permitted. Please place a cover over carpet/floor or window ledges where candles are used. Candles in other areas must be approved.
  • You may decorate chairs but without the use of prohibited items listed above. Please make sure that decorations do not puncture or deface the chairs.
  • If any chairs or tables are moved, they must be returned to their original location by the end of the event. For chairs to be moved within the sanctuary hall, it must be requested first in the building request form. No items/furniture/instruments on stage may be moved unless approved by a Redeemer staff.
  • For any celebratory events, bubbles may be used outside of the building. No rice, confetti or birdseed allowed inside nor outside the building.
  • All decorations must be removed from all spaces after the event.
  • If an event is scheduled on a holiday weekend (Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.), users will NOT be able to remove any of the decorations that are up for the holiday.
  • All artwork installed cannot be moved or changed for any events.
  • Any damages to the facilities, furniture, equipment, fixtures, grounds, landscaping or any other property will be the responsibility of the event users and will result in additional charges.

For all non-church organizations (individuals are not required to have liability insurance) using the church facilities must obtain liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least $1,000,000 with a $2,000,000 aggregate limit with an AM Best rated A- or better rated carrier.Redeemer Community Church must be listed as an additional insured.

Signing the policy request form is also an understanding and an agreement that Redeemer is held harmless and is not responsible for any liability claims arising from the event on church grounds.

*We will evaluate the request and get back with you. Redeemer Events take precedent and are scheduled 6 months in advance. All event requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
*Some spaces come with additional costs and restrictions.
Hours of availability: 8am-10pm Monday-Friday & 8am-7pm on Saturdays
Hours of availability: 8am-10pm Monday-Friday & 8am-7pm on Saturdays
Liability insurance will be required for outside organizations using Redeemer’s facilities. Individuals are not required to obtain insurance.
If you have any issues with this form and need further assistance, please leave us a message at (812) 269-8975

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