Building Usage Request Form

Priority use for the church’s facilities go to covenant church members.
However, non-covenant church members may reserve the facilities based on availability and by meeting the following criteria:

1. Groups or persons that desire to use Redeemer’s building facilities must affirm and agree that their faith and practices are consistent with the church’s faith and practice.
2. Groups or persons seeking use must submit to and sign a “Facility Use Request and Agreement Form”.
3. The person or group seeking to use the facilities must agree to Redeemer’s Facility Use Policy as stated below and must be willing to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used.

Compliance with set regulations and a cleaning checklist is also required for all individuals or groups using the facilities. A cleaning fee may be charged based on the nature of the event. Any outside organization that uses Redeemer's facilities will also be required to have their own liability insurance coverage.
*Some spaces come with additional costs and restrictions.
Please request dates at least one week in advance
Hours of availability: 8am-10pm Monday-Friday & 8am-7pm on Saturdays
Liability insurance will be required for outside organizations using Redeemer’s facilities. Individuals are not required to obtain insurance.