Jesus Christ commands that we are to love one another as He has loved us (John 15:12). At Redeemer, we desire that all of our members love and care for one another. We define care as gospel-centered biblical counseling and actions that seek to transform people to be more like Christ. We care through prayer, through the pouring out of truth from God’s Word, through longsuffering, and with dependence on the Holy Spirit.
We believe we are called to care and extend mercy to one another. We are to care for one another by speaking the good news of Jesus Christ and to live sacrificially towards others as we listen to, walk with, and speak into each other’s lives.
This means that we want to meet physical needs, but ultimately we want people to have their emotional and spiritual needs met in Jesus as they put their trust and faith in Him.
If you feel like you need care or have a physical need, we want to do our best to love you and walk with you.
If you feel like you need care for anything other than a physical need, then please continue on to the “Care” section.  (This includes anything that has to do with care for abuse, addictions, or just anything you are facing in life.)
If you have physical needs that need to be met, then please continue on to the “Mercy” section. (This includes anything that has to do with a request for help with food, shelter, clothing, or anything else physical.)


The Mercy Team exists to care for the physical needs of individuals both inside and outside of Redeemer Community Church by offering physical resources and the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are in need of assistance with meeting a need please contact us at Attached is a detailed Benevolence Policy if you have any questions regarding how we handle requests.

Legal Notice/Disclaimer:  we will respond within 48hours. If you have an emergency please contact 911.


We would love to help connect you to a community of people passionate about the gospel of Jesus and serving the city of Bloomington. Join us on a Sunday to worship and hear from God’s word. If you have other questions fee free to contact us.