Jesus Christ commands that we are to love one another as He has loved us (John 15:12). At Redeemer, we desire that all of our members love and care for one another. We define care as gospel-centered biblical counseling and actions that seek to transform people to be more like Christ. We care through prayer, through the pouring out of truth from God’s Word, through longsuffering, and with dependence on the Holy Spirit.
We believe we are called to care and extend mercy to one another. We are to care for one another by speaking the good news of Jesus Christ and to live sacrificially towards others as we listen to, walk with, and speak into each other’s lives.
This means that we want to meet physical needs, but ultimately we want people to have their emotional and spiritual needs met in Jesus as they put their trust and faith in Him.
If you feel like you need care or have a physical need, we want to do our best to love you and walk with you.
If you feel like you need care for anything other than a physical need, then please continue on to the “Care” section.  (This includes anything that has to do with care for abuse, addictions, or just anything you are facing in life.)
If you have physical needs that need to be met, then please continue on to the “Mercy” section. (This includes anything that has to do with a request for help with food, shelter, clothing, or anything else physical.)

CARE: Next Steps

Next Steps For Care

Any person or couple who are members, members-in-process, regular attenders, or those who are not members of any church can receive care at Redeemer free of charge.  If you are a member of another church, then we ask that you seek to find ministry leaders in your community to journey with you. We strongly believe that diving into a community that is focused on the good news of Jesus is the best way to receive care. (The terms “biblical counseling”, “gospel care”, “soul care”, “personal discipleship”, and simply “care” are used interchangeably.)

What’s the “next step” to request care if I am in a Community Group?

1. First share with your Community Group leader.  We encourage you to invite other trusted group members to journey with you.  You will be surprised to learn that when you share your struggles, others will be able to comfort you and care for you in the same way in which they have been comforted by God and others.
2. If your CG leaders are not comfortable with helping, they are instructed, with your permission, to ask for help from the Community Group Coach who oversees them. At this point, a CG Coach may get directly involved in offering care or may guide the CG Leader through the process of gospel care.
3. If it is decided that additional care is needed, then the CG Leader and/or Coach will work with you to submit a Care Request Form (at the bottom of this page).

4. Once you have submitted your Care Request Form the Care Team leaders and a pastor will process your request and will follow up with you as soon as possible to determine the best pathway of care. In the meantime we ask that you prayerfully consider identifying a person/couple from within your Redeemer community to journey with you as you receive care.

Why do I need to invite someone from my community to journey with me?
God has shown us, as people within Redeemer have cared for one another over the years, several beautiful benefits of such an approach:
1. There will be others who will walk alongside you to encourage and pray for you — not just when you gather for care but all throughout the week. As a result, you will develop a deeper understanding of God’s church and the beauty of community.
2. Those who walk with you will experience God’s redeeming work in the lives of everyone gathered for care.
3. Everyone gathered for care will learn and grow in caring for one another with the gospel.
4. The duration of the “formal” gathering for care will be shortened as you and those you walk with in community grow in seeing how Jesus offers help and hope for your situation. This is not to say that you will no longer struggle, but you will reach a point where you can continue the journey together in daily community life.

What’s the “next step” to request care if I am NOT in a Community Group?
1. Email with a brief description of what’s going on. We will then find a time to meet up with you to talk and work with you to get you into a Community Group.

2. If, in that initial meeting, it is determined that further care will be needed then we will have you will fill out the Care Request Form and return it to us at

3. We will review your Care Request Form with the Care Team leaders and a pastor and get back to you as soon as possible to determine the best pathway of care.

4. Once you plug into the CG, you will be asked to connect with an assigned Care Team member to help you with your particular life struggle. You will also be encouraged to identify someone with you from your Community Group who can walk with you during this time.

Can I speak to someone on Sunday after the Gathering?
Yes and we encourage you to do so!  Many times, we just need someone to listen to a pressing burden and pray with us.  If it is determined you still need to request care, then we ask you to take the “next steps” described above.

MERCY: Next Steps

The Mercy Team exists to care for the physical needs of individuals both inside and outside of Redeemer Community Church by offering physical resources and the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are in need of assistance with meeting a need please contact us at Attached is a detailed Benevolence Policy if you have any questions regarding how we handle requests.

Legal Notice/Disclaimer:  we will respond within 48hours. If you have an emergency please contact 911.


We would love to help connect you to a community of people passionate about the gospel of Jesus and serving the city of Bloomington. Join us on a Sunday to worship and hear from God’s word. If you have other questions fee free to contact us.