Fight Club

Fight Club

By Erin Morris

I remember the first time I mentioned this to my friends from a church in Northern Indiana. The look on their faces was priceless- as though I had just informed them that our new church in Bloomington was a part of the mafia. At once, I explained to them the definition of fight club and they seemed a bit relieved but not totally convinced because, again, this awesome church that we have found actually has groups called ‘Fight Clubs.’ I then began to tell many different people about my fight club and how two or three people of the same gender meet weekly and talk about life and more importantly, our deepest sins. Then I had a person mention to me that it was like an accountability group. That’s when I knew I still wasn’t explaining this very important part of my life exactly right.

My whole life I was completely self-reliant. I never had to tell anyone anything or ask for help because I knew I could do it myself- and probably better than anyone I asked. I always put up a front and was only truly transparent with my husband. Once upon a time, I met two amazing women here in Bloomington and they cut me to the core-in a good way. Honestly, I didn’t know these ladies very well and I wasn’t even sure that we would all eventually be friends but I was the new girl and I had to find some people to hang out with somehow.

These ladies and I would meet every week and attempt to do fight club. I must say it was a little rough at first-when you barely know the two people sitting with you in the Pourhouse Café basement things are bound to get a little awkward, but I continued to go. What I found when I began to see these ladies week after week was that I could say truly anything and usually they could relate, and if they couldn’t, they tried to understand. I had finally found people I could really confide in and they in me. They began to know everything about me and I actually liked it. I had gained two amazing friends.

When we get together for fight club we don’t punch each other (usually), we fight sin. We confess our sins to God and to these select people and then we dive into scriptures to see what the Lord says about our sin. We remind each other of the character of God and continue to lift each other up throughout the week. I love these women so much that I want them to be able to talk about their sin and to not keep it hidden. I want them to share what is on their heart because what burdens them, burdens me too. I want them to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord because they are incredibly important to me. We speak with grace but not favor. We don’t condemn but we encourage. These ladies have seen me in the depths and then on fire. They have seen me struggle and they have seen me find hope. Fight club is more than an accountability group, we walk with the Lord together with hope and encouragement. I never feel as though I will be judged or looked down upon because we are in this together; fighting together because I’m just as broken as the women sitting next to me. We do life together-both good and bad.  You see, I love my fight club and they are my family.