Serving in Redeemer Kids

Redeemer Kids
by Tara Foley

Being a part of the Redeemer Kids team has been such a blessing in my life, even in the few weeks that I have been able to be in the classrooms. As a music education major, I jumped on the opportunity to be a teacher in the Redeemer Kids classrooms to see if teaching was something I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. I have been able to be in the elementary age classroom and the nursery as a lead teacher and as a helping teacher. The curriculum has always been so well prepared by other members of Redeemer and has facilitated great questioning from the kids. It has been so inspiring to see kids get so excited about learning about Jesus and how they are learning together. I have grown so much by seeing how my own education in teaching can be used to glorify God, by teaching the kids at Redeemer the gospel and seeing them learn. And, in line with the core values of Redeemer, the Redeemer Kids Team is developing into a beautiful community that cares about all the children in Redeemer and seeks to find the best ways to teach them. I have also seen how the kids are learning how to create their own communities. All the kids are so excited to see each other on Sunday morning and their openness to share during prayer time. Recently, a boy in class shared about his fear of being forgotten by his friends, and the other kids in the class prayed for him and to not be scared of bullies. It is so encouraging to see the Gospel being lived out at all stages of life. I am so excited to continue to serve on this team and see the fruit of the children’s ministry.