Worshipping With Redeemer

Worshipping With Redeemer
by Ethan Harrell

ethan_soundSince I’ve joined Redeemer Church in Bloomington, the idea of worship, and worshiping, has grown tremendously in my heart and my life. I’ve gone from thinking of worship as singing on Sunday mornings to the realization that worship in the truest sense is every part of our lives. It is the way we live in response to the gospel and God’s endless gift of undeserved mercy and grace in our lives.

As humans we are wired to worship. We worship all sorts of things, shown by where we give our attention, money, and time. Unfortunately, I’ve found that my worship is not always directed towards God, but to the things of this world that I find appealing or pleasing (things that, if used in rightful worship towards God, aren’t bad things at all). Through involvement in gospel-centered community, my worship has focused on Christ and the endless love and abundant grace He has given me. I have learned that the gospel calls for my worship, causing an internal change that I cannot make without Him and that only comes as I begin to be transformed by Him.

Being a part of Redeemer Bloomington, being involved in the loving and Gospel centered community that it offers in this city, has provided a focus on the one thing that truly deserves it, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is not to say I am without struggle, but I have found that the Gospel is changing my worship, and my participation and involvement in Redeemer strengthens this.  I am reminded of the Gospel daily, which I had never experienced before. I truly appreciate my brothers and sisters in Christ preaching the gospel to me. In this multi generational congregation, I have been able to learn from the experiences of those both older and younger than myself, and how the gospel speaks to all of us in our different life stages.

Worshiping at and with Redeemer has been an amazing experience for me. I plan to continue growing with the people here at Redeemer and learning more of what it means to worship God, fully bringing him the glory that He deserves and that I could never repay without Christ’s atoning sacrifice, as I continue to learn and understand the Gospel.