Writing a Research Paper – A 5 Step Process

A research paper is basically an extended written composition which presents your analysis or interpretation of, and arguments encouraging, an idea or thesis. The purpose of a study paper would be to persuade the reader your theory or hypothesis is true. The topic can be a historical event, original essays and plagiarism-free essays a part of literature, or scientific study. Similarly, a history student analyzing the Vietnam War could read historical records and books, interview former officials, gather proof and examine the events to encourage or encourage a thesis and apply the resulting evidence to support thesis.

One of the most important aspects of writing a research paper entails deciding what sources to include. Where will your resources available? Will they be credible sources? How do you select your sources? How reliable are they?

When preparing a research document, many people find it helpful to compile a listing of secondary sources used in support of the thesis. Secondary sources are those used to support a position that is opposed by somebody else. Ordinarily, these sources aren’t as reliable since they came from somebody other than the writer. In the event you choose to use secondary sources, use the research guides on your own syllabus to identify which resources are appropriate to use.

Many research papers use secondary resources to support a major thesis. Students have to read their research papers critically and determine which secondary sources are reliable. Only source materials which are generally regarded as reliable should be contained in the final research paper. It is suggested to use only trustworthy secondary resources.

The last part of the study paper, the thesis statement, is the most time-consuming portion of the writing process. This statement describes the central focus or the fundamental idea of the whole paper. The student should carefully construct the thesis statement in this way that is grammatically correct and that is in accordance with the remainder of the writing process. The pupil should also consider the relationship between the thesis statement and the remainder of the paper.

When composing a research paper, the student should be careful to not include sources which won’t support their argument or result. It is important to always look for secondary sources which will support a particular claim. Secondary sources are often those who were mentioned in the introduction or so are explained in the thesis statement. Most successful research papers utilize primary sources and secondary sources to support their claims. Secondary sources can be utilized to reinforce a research question or to add additional information to a given topic.