One of our core values as a church is renewal driven mission and transformative community. We seek to be a gospel community that cares for one another out of the overflow of God's love for us. We practically do this by caring for the body Christ through meeting spiritual, emotional, and physical needs as well as bearing each other's burdens.

Care Groups

These are issue-specific groups where we strive to meet people where they are. The goal of these groups is to offer a place where people can come to experience Biblical community and the hope of the Gospel. Click the image to see what groups are currently offered and fill out a form to be connected with a group. These groups are open continuously. 


A Restore group is intentional Gospel community that starts with everyone sharing their stories, then moves through God's story so that God can re-frame and redeem your story while restoring your soul. Restore groups help you to abide in Christ as you live in a broken world so that you may live with more freedom and confidence in Jesus. Restore groups are closed and are a 13 week commitment. Restore is adapted from Gospel Care Ministries.

Pre-Marital Care

One of our great joys is preparing people to enter into marriage. If you are interested in having one of the Redeemer pastors marry you, email your request and a pastor will reach out to you.