Redeemer Kids partners with parents to see their children,  birth through 5th grade, transformed by the gospel to become and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Redeemer
Redeemer Kids Director -- Taylor Campbell
Assistant to the Director -- Britt Kirtman

Nursery + Walkers

Our Nursery and Walkers rooms are split into three different classrooms according to age and developmental ability.  We learn about an attribute of God each month, utilize Seeds Family Worship to help us learn God's Word, and begin to learn about Gospel Community.

Nursery -- 0-15 months
Walkers 1 -- 16-24 months
Walkers 2 -- 25-36 months


Our Preschool rooms are split into two different age groups to accommodate developmental needs. We utilize The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible as our curriculum in the Preschool 3 room and The Gospel Project in the Preschool 4/5 room. We learn through movement, song, story, and craft.  

Preschool 3 -- 3 year olds
Preschool 4/5 -- 4 + 5 year olds that are not in Kindergarten


Our elementary classrooms utilize The Gospel Project curriculum that allows us to walk through the Bible chronologically over the span of 3 years and then we repeat! We really begin to hit on those Bible Literacy skills, which allows to learn how to use and read the Bible! Classroom ages may flex based on numbers.

Lower Elementary -- K - 1st grade
Middle Elementary -- 2nd - 3rd grade
Upper Elementary -- 4th - 5th grade

RK Worship

During the RK Worship time, we use songs to learn God's Word or practice songs from the Big Gathering!

Fifth Sunday

On months with five Sundays, we call this "Fifth Sunday" and our 4th - 5th graders will join you in the Big Gathering. This is an intentional time for you to disciple your children and teach them about the elements of the Gathering. 


All of our volunteers have passed a background check and have been trained in our policies. We have a security system in place to ensure your child’s safety each week.

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